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Studio RAM has been dealing with comics for over 25 years, a language it used as a tool for the different services it offers, from editorial graphics to that for newsstand products, from video animation to games, from the comic book agency to branding.
We like to follow in time and to the end every job, becoming the perfect partner for your project.

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Our e-commerce website all dedicated to comics fonts is online!

Our latest project is aimed at the Italian and international market, in fact since 1996 we create fonts, provide lettering and graphic designs for our customers based in Italy and beyond. For a long time, we wanted to make our expertise in creating fonts available worldwide and finally here we are!


We can offer individual services but we give the best when we have the chance to create new narrative worlds and new, significant brands by declining the typical elements of the comic in style guides and add-on products ranging from publishing, partwork and collectibles, video, content production and web communication.



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We make filming, storyboard, dubbing and editing for animated videos, book-trailers and social content. If you want a video that is really worth a thousand words, contact us.

Our Case Histories

Il mistero della scuola incantata | Album | Me contro Te | Diramix

Me contro Te are a couple of sicilian youtubers with more than 6 millions of subscribers on YouTube and a very loyal community that gathers in the Team Trote of Sofì and Luì and that follows its favourite couple on several social platforms. The success of the brand brought new commercial partnerships, opportunities and a wider offer of branded products destined to be sold at newsstands, toy shops or for the back to school period. The product offer has been steadily increasing after the presentation of the movie of Me contro Te.

Palestina | Joe Sacco | Mondadori Oscar Ink

How do people live in an occupied country? Joe Sacco, cartoonist and jounalist, recounts it in his book Palestine, which collects the accounts of his journey between 1991 and 1992.
The book is a classic example of graphic journalism, where the journalist sometimes tends to disappear from the narrative in favor of the story in subjective account of the lives of the characters in refugee camps, unbearable obligations, poverty, violence and humiliation.

Monsterflex series 4 and 5 | Diramix

The Monsterflex branded world doesn’t cease to grow, the stretchy monsters have gained a lot of success and the amount of frightening creatures sold in blind bags continuously increase.

March, book-trailer | Mondadori Oscar INK

The end of American racial segregation wasn’t automatic but it was the result of many social protests, marches and even conflicts. John Lewis was the leader of one of the most active social movements and in 1965 he was at the forefront of the Selma march in Montgomery, event that was repeated in the following years.

Elettra e la dea del ritmo | Becco Giallo

The comic book of Elettra e la dea del ritmo, published by us of Studio RAM together with BeccoGiallo, tells about the adventure experienced by Elettra Lamborghini between sparkling parties with the most famous rappers of the moment, stars of all kind, curse and twerk queens.

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