Research & Development

We give our clients all the tools to develop a successful brand and to build a unique identity. We also propose ideas for new projects, realising all the useful materials to create original products to be launched on the market.
We create style guides, complete of all graphic elements, logo and product suggestions, we develop corporate identity and we can manage communications, even on the Internet, of your brand.
We specialise in the design of brand identity both in terms of graphics and storytelling and we have the experience and professional skills to create new characters, through character design and modeling in 2 and 3D, that give a face to your brand. We can also advise about the integration of a project on multiple platforms and its cross medial opportunities.
Thanks to the large number of illustrators available, we are able to propose different styles of illustration for books and comics and for all the necessary graphics, so that we can adapt to the specific needs of a project.

Our Case Histories

Monsterflex series 4 & 5 | Diramix

The Monsterflex branded world doesn’t cease to grow, the stretchy monsters have gained a lot of success and the amount of frightening creatures sold in blind bags continuously increase.