About Us

Studio RAM has been working for over 20 years on graphic design and publishing services and is specialised in comics and all elements that distinguish it from all other genres. As of today, we estimated by default we created more than 10 thousand comic books.
We design the components of a brand and create the style guide and character design by realising all the graphic suggestions, the logo and all elements necessary to make your brand stand out for its uniqueness.
Among our services there is the comic book agency thanks to a vast selection of graphic artists, scriptwriters and colorists; we can also provide the service of quality content production destined to the Internet and the social networks.
We took in from our clients the need to expand their activities on multiple media platforms, for this reason we ventured into the integration of products from off to online and vice versa (through apps, websites, social campaigns, audio and video files) and we also create video animations and book-trailers by using different techniques, from motion comics to simple animation.
We love our job and we do it by combining passion, technique and expertise. We are good at planning ahead branded worlds and stories, imagining since the beginning of a project all its possible developments on different platforms and products.
We master the technique but use it to fabricate emotions, aware it’s them that will leave the mark.