Book Series

Corto Maltese

Color | Pocket | Rizzoli Lizard

Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese is an icon for adventure comics lover, because through missions bordering on the supernatural and cultural traditions of other worlds, the graphic novels focused on Corto Maltese tell about colors, sounds and smells from far away countries.
We at Studio RAM had the chance of taking care of the lettering for several editions of the adventures of this icy-eyed sailor, half buccaneer and half philosopher, often enmeshed by the charm of very beautiful women, which transport him in borderline situations under tropical palms or among irish green fields.
Working on a legend of comics such as Corto Maltese is always burdensome and fascinating, the last collection we worked on is the new color pocket edition published by Rizzoli Lizard; for this edition, we have completely redone the lettering, giving the timeless adventures of the maltese sailor a newer and fresher appearance.