Me contro Te – il film Il mistero della scuola incantata

Sticker album & bracelets | Diramix

Me contro Te are a couple of sicilian youtubers with more than 6 millions of subscribers on YouTube and a very loyal community that gathers in the Team Trote of Sofì and Luì and that follows its favourite couple on several social platforms. The success of the brand brought new commercial partnerships, opportunities and a wider offer of branded products destined to be sold at newsstands, toy shops or for the back to school period. The product offer has been steadily increasing after the presentation of the movie of Me contro Te.
We created the graphic design, stickers and packaging of the sticker album Il mistero della scuola incantata, sticker album sold in conjunction with the release of the film of Me contro Te, the feature that has made more cash in Italy in 2021.
In addition to the sticker album, we also dealt with the artwork of the bracelets and erasers related to the brand Me contro Te, developing the illustrations of the main characters who then accompanied several add-on products.
The sticker album Il mistero della scuola incantata is the fourth album that we made; over the years we have also created the artwork for the packaging of different products branded by Diramix in partnership with Me contro Te such as the Paste Magiche, the bracelets and the slime.