Mondadori Oscar INK | Book-Trailer

The end of American racial segregation wasn’t automatic but it was the result of many social protests, marches and even conflicts. John Lewis was the leader of one of the most active social movements and in 1965 he was at the forefront of the Selma march in Montgomery, event that was repeated in the following years. But as the protesters were crossing a bridge, police charged at them and at Lewis, who was in the front row, generating a violent fight known in American History as Bloody Sunday. In the book March, Senator Lewis tells his story, which is the story of the rights movement, recalling facts and characters that have made the History of the end of racial segregation between people of color and white people.
We at RAM have created the lettering and graphic design of March, volume I and the lettering with manual graphic adaptations ad hoc for the full edition of March. The trilogy.
For the first issue of Robinson, the cultural insert of Repubblica, we created the book-trailer, taking care of the whole creative process and development phase of the video, from the storyboard, to the animations and the editing.