L’arte che ha rivoluzionato l’arte

Giovanni Marchese & Giuseppe Latanza | Centauria

This book is part of the graphic biography collection dedicated to the history of art and the life of the artists who embodied in their works the spirit of time. The comic book tells about Surrealism by not bringing the reader at the beginning of 20th century, but rather by transporting the past into the future through the use of technology that it will be maybe available one day. The same surrealist artists speak to the readers and to the characters of the book, three young men that have to retake the school test in art history and that for this reason decide to pay a visit to a museum. There, to illustrate the relics of the past they find some androids programmed by sophisticated quantum computers, the only heirs of knowledge in the future dimension imagined by the author and the comic book artist.
For this volume and for the collection of Centauria graphic biographies, we realize the graphic design and together with the author we perfect the technical aspects of the images, layout, design, cover and lettering; for some of the graphic biographies we also take care of the creation of the balloons and the choice of the most suitable font, depending on the illustration and narration style we aim to obtain.