e la dea del ritmo

Becco Giallo

The comic book of Elettra e la dea del ritmo, published by us of Studio RAM together with BeccoGiallo, tells about the adventure experienced by Elettra Lamborghini between sparkling parties with the most famous rappers of the moment, stars of all kind, a mysterious curse and twerk queens.
The creation of the comic started from a robust research phase to know all the details available about the life of the famous singer and heiress; later, in parallel with the development of the subject of the story, we dealt with the choice and coordination of the creative team, that created the character design of the diva, making it suitable to be a comic book character.
This phase started the rest of the project, which continued with the creation of the screenplay and the first drawnings. After the development and approval of the history and drawings by Elettra Lamborghini, we at RAM continued the processing of comics with the realization of Indian inks and then colors, lettering and volume refinement until the print test.